KDFM Series Manual Laminating Machine

KDFM-720 / KDFM-900 / KDFM-1000 / KDFM-1200 Applications: It is used for the lamination of pre-glued film and paper. Features: KDFM series of manual laminating machine saves space occupation so much for its compact design. One-piece forming structure makes the … Details

YDFM Series Manual Hydraulic Laminator

YDFM720 / YDFM920 / YDFM1200 Features: 1. One-piece construction design makes the machine run more stably, and lengthens the machine’s lifetime. 2. Manual paper feeding. 3. Regulating plate can be adjusted easily to regulate manual paper feeding. 4. High precision … Details


YFML-720 / YFML- 920 / YFML-1200 Features: YFML series of semi-auto laminating machine is a pre-glued film laminator which is designed and manufactured according to the market needs. This machine can finish both lamination and separation processes at a time. … Details

SAFM Automatic Laminating Machine

SAFM-800 / SAFM-1100 Applications: It is used for the lamination pre-glued film and paper. Configuration: 1. Automatic paper feeder adopts oil-free vacuum pump to feed paper automatically. 2. Automatic paper feeding system is equipped with no paper protector and paper … Details