KDFM Series Manual Laminating Machine

KDFM-720 / KDFM-900 / KDFM-1000 / KDFM-1200

It is used for the lamination of pre-glued film and paper.

KDFM series of manual laminating machine saves space occupation so much for its compact design. One-piece forming structure makes the machine run more stably, and lengthens the machine’s lifetime. This model adopts BOPP pre-glued film for single-side and double-side of lamination. It is widely used for the lamination of certificates, documents, drawings, advertisements and books etc. The filmed products are waterproof, durable, of clear picture and good spatial effect etc.

1. One-piece construction design makes the machine run more stably, and lengthens the machine’s lifetime.
2. Manual paper feeding.
3. Regulating plate can be adjusted easily to regulate manual paper feeding.
4. Two heating rollers equipped are for one-side and double-side of lamination.
5. Heating rollers are equipped with built-in electrical tube heater, which raises temperature quickly. And temperature is adjustable upon requests.
6. Mechanical pressuring system provides pressure for lamination. And the pressure is adjusted by manual wheel.
7. Film cutter cuts film width to make it meet paper size. The cut film will be winded by a film winder.
8. Laminated paper is rolled up automatically by the winding spindle. Winding speed is adjustable upon requests. Winded paper will be cut by manual work.

Model No. KDFM-720 KDFM-900 KDFM-1000 KDFM-1200
Max Laminating Width 600mm 800mm 880mm 1020mm
Max Laminating Speed 20m/min 20m/min 20 m/min 20 m/min
Laminating Temperature 60-130? 60-130? 60-130? 60-130?
Gross Power 3.85kw 4.55kw 4.75kw 5.75kw
Total Weight 260kg 380kg 480kg 600kg
Overall Dimension 1150*1100*1400mm 1450*1100*1400mm 1550*1100*1450mm 1750*1250*1450mm


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